How can THE CBR WOMAN help grow your business?

The CBR Woman is by Canberra women for Canberra women. Particularly supporting those local business owners to network, promote and open themselves up to amazing opportunities. There are a few ways we are here to support you. 

1. Boss Woman Series 

The Boss Woman series puts the spotlight on local female business owners, showcasing their brands as well as providing a platform to share their stories and inspire others. We have no process of 'selecting' women to feature, so if you want to be featured - please reach out! 

2. The Girl Gang - Members only platform 

Members have access to exclusive discounts, events, workshops, freebies, resources etc. These are provided by local women in business and it is a great way to promote your business to potential customers. Have something to share with our members? Let us know! 


The NETWORK is a directory for the female owned businesses in the ACT and surrounds. A place to leave your details if you are open to collaboration and networking with other women in business. The NETWORK is accessible to everyone who visits The CBR Woman site. Here we have over 40 contacts for your reference and use. 

3. The Blog 

Here we like to chat about topics relevant in our day to day lives. Want to contribute? We are always looking for guest contributors to write their own blog posts! 

4. Social Media 

Our social media is ALL about sharing and supporting. If you have an event coming up or would just like a simple shout out, flick us an email to and we can definitely help you out!